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Dennis Hopper’s family fights over his will

June 6th, 2010 SindhToday

London, June 7 (IANS) Late Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper’s family is embroiled in a bitter feud over his multi-million-dollar estate barely a week after he died from prostate cancer.

It is believed Hopper left everything to his three grown-up children and two grandchildren.

However, his estranged fifth wife, actress Victoria Duffy, has filed a claim against his estate at the Los Angeles superior court. Hopper had filed for divorce from Duffy earlier this year and the case was still on.

Under the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement they signed in April 1996, Duffy would receive 25 percent of the estate, which includes homes in Los Angeles and New Mexico as well as a modern art collection, reports express.co.uk.

However, the “Easy Rider” star had filed a lawsuit two months ago claiming Duffy had stolen a Warhol painting and Banksy sculptures. He also said his liquid assets had dwindled to less than $300,000 during his final months, blaming Duffy’s financial demands.

“There were legal actions and counter-actions flying even before Dennis passed away,” express.co.uk quoted Hopper’s friend as saying.

“He was praying his divorce from Victoria would be finalised before he died so there could be no disputes. It was Dennis’s dearest wish that his children get everything that remains.”

“Sadly, there could now be months, even years, of legal wrangling before anyone walks away with a dime. This is not how he wanted it to end. Dennis went to his grave without the resolution he desired,” the friend said.

Hopper’s attorney Joe Manis said: “We are ready for war”.

Meanwhile, his first wife, actress Brooke Hayward, said: “It must have been a source of nothing but torment to him to know in his heart that Victoria would never let his final will go unchallenged. He may be at peace now but the loved ones he left behind are getting ready for war”.

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